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Our mission is to provide affordable fitness training to improve lifestyle, health, and nutrition for individuals of all genders and ages in urban areas. We are committed to making fitness accessible to everyone and empowering them to achieve their wellness goals.

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Based in Stockwell, South London, SWBW is a welcoming and inclusive training team.

A place to come to just as you are.


We're known for our diverse array of classes and great teachers

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Special fitness training programs. Suitable for everyone from beginners to professional athletes. Join up!


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Curious about fitness training? Learn the basics in a friendly, supportive environment. A great place to start!


Located in Southwest London, our fitness experience includes classes in beautiful local parks and a bright, spacious urban unit.

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We're known for our diverse array of classes and great teachers

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Are you ready to build a better world from the inside out?


"Fitness training is an exploration into the potential of the human body; it is the journey to discovering your true strength. Fitness is one of the ways we awaken our inner power; it is you, it is me, it is everyone."

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“Discovering SWBW has been a game-changer the morning workouts in the park fit around my school drop-off. The instructors are so supportive, making it easy for me to ease back into fitness. I feel stronger and more energised than ever before. Highly recommend to any mum looking to prioritise their health amidst a busy schedule.”

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The power lies within you, where what you can control resides

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We really encourage you to come just
are you are.

Whether you're continuing your journey or starting fresh, our fitness programs provide a safe place to explore your potential at any stage.

A place to enjoy accessible, authentic, and inclusive fitness training. We have no prerequisites and ask nothing of you but to join us and discover the benefits of fitness.

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