Founder + Fitness Instructor

Rafael Lisbie is an eager fitness enthusiast who has been training in various workout regimes since 2013. Motivated to improve his own body as well as knowledge of health and fitness, he spends most of his own time learning and studying new workout/training methods along with healthier diets to improve wellness.

Having studied and graduated from Kingston University back in 2011, he received an Upper 2nd Class Degree in BSc (Joint Hons) Games Technology and Media Technology in which he has utilized the knowledge he gained during and after University to apply in various group assignments to produce media projects. Currently he is using his experience from University to help towards structuring and networking his duo fitness brand South West Bro Workout.

With over 4 years’ experience in fitness alongside the knowledge he’s gained using programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, Adobe Premier and Sony Vegas. He strives to improve his fitness level as well as media knowledge to produce content for South West Bro Workout and continue to grow his fitness brand.