Founder + Fitness Instructor

Albere Lisbie is a Personal Trainer and an eager fitness enthusiast who has been training in various workout regimes since 2013. Motivated to improve his knowledge of health and fitness as well as increase his overall fitness, he took a Sports Science and fitness course, graduating with exceptional health and fitness skills.

Having recently studied at the successful fitness company LCBT ‘LCBT College, Health & fitness’, he has completed both Level 2 Health and Fitness and Level 3 Personal Training courses and received his B-TEC/A-Levels in both. Over the course of his studying he had developed many useful skills which awarded him with the ‘Level 3 Health and Fitness Student of the Year 2016’ Award.

He also spends a large amount of his own time learning and studying new workout/training methods along with healthier diets to improve wellness and various recovery methods.

With over 4 years’ experience, mainly working on small to medium sized sport events and fitness activities with his previous college and part time course, he is continually developing his skill set which he now utilises for his fitness brand South West Bro Workout.